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Don't solely rely on your corporate health cover! While it may seem like a safety net from day one, it often falls short when it comes to major medical expenses. 🚑 Room rent capping, ICU limits, and surgery caps could leave you with hefty out-of-pocket expenses, especially during critical procedures. 💸 It's essential to complement your corporate policy with a personal health insurance plan for comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. With a separate policy, you have the freedom to customize coverage according to your needs, ensuring no gaps in protection. Additionally, in the event of leaving your job due to illness or otherwise, your personal health insurance continues to provide support, safeguarding your health and finances. 🛡️

Protect Your Wealth: Why a Critical Illness Policy is Essential Beyond Health Insurance 💰 As a certified financial planner and CFA charterholder, I’m here to unveil the hidden importance of a critical illness policy - over and above your standard health insurance coverage. While your health plan may cover the medical bills, a critical illness policy provides a vital income replacement safety net. 💸 After all, a serious diagnosis can quickly sideline you from work, severely impacting your business or employment earnings. Don’t let a health crisis derail your financial well-being. 🤒 A standalone critical illness policy offers a lump-sum payout that can help you maintain your lifestyle, cover ongoing expenses, and focus on recovery - without draining your savings. Learn why this specialized coverage is a must-have in your insurance portfolio. 💪 Safeguard your wealth and achieve true peace of mind.

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